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New business domain & website

The past two months have been quite interesting in terms of the photography work.  In between the normal photography jobs like weddings that I normally do, I conducted a photography workshop, shot a birthday party, a 4 day conference (really tiring!!) and a limited edition designer handbag.  The handbag shoot was particularly interesting because it involved playing around with quite a lot of lighting which is something I normally stay away from.  Most of my weddings are shot without the use of a flash which I find quite intrusive and distracting.  But with the handbag, the use of the lighting with a couple of DIY modifications and improvisation was necessary to try and give life to the bag and make it look much better than what it actually looked like in real life.

You might have also noticed that this blog has moved from to  I finally decided to get a separate domain for my business Perfect Light and shifted the blog over first.  My personal website still remains and I have created a new website for my wedding photography stuff.  Do have a look.  I’m still trying to tweak the site to make it load faster so it might be a little buggy.  If you discover any bugs, do drop me a note.  Thanks!

I’m still putting the iPhone to good use as a visual diary.  I tried to do this with a compact digital camera before but never succeeded much.  Here are some more photos from the phone.