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Wedding: Joel & Lois – Seen behind the scene

I covered Joel and Lois’ Singapore leg of their wedding late last month.  They had already tied the knot the previous month in the US and were in Singapore to celebrate with friends and family members here.  They are a lovely couple and it was quite fun covering their wedding.

Last week I bought a photography book from the bargain bin at Borders titled Seen behind the scene / Forty years of photography on the set by Mary Ellen Mark (available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK)). The book consisted of page after page of beautiful grainy black and white photos that Mark took over the years on different film sets.  Interspaced between the photos are anecdotes and thoughts on the film profession shared by different actors, directors and film industry professionals.  These documentary photographs are extremely engaging and honest.  They remind me of why I love black and white photographs.  Nowadays, I am using more color for my work because the situations demand it but most of my favorite images still continue to be black and white.

The following quote is from Mark taken from her book Mary Ellen Mark : 25 Years by Marianne Fulton:The difficulty with color is to go beyond the fact that it’s color – to have it be not just a colorful picture but really be a picture about something. It’s difficult. So often color gets caught up in color, and it becomes merly decorative. Some photographers use [ it ] brilliantly to make visual statements combining color and content; otherwise it is empty.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the day.  The things I saw and captured behind the scenes . . . the beautiful quiet moments before the action starts.