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Hipstamatic Lunar New Year!

My wife bought me an iPhone 3GS to replace my old dying Sony Ericsson phone a few weeks ago.  It has been quite good in helping me to organize some areas of my personal and business life.  I am also enjoying a particular paid photography application called Hipstamatic that I have been using to take daily snapshots (i.e. like a digital diary).  The fun thing about the application is that the resulting images taken are quite unpredictable.  Quite like my Holga (a plastic toy film camera) which I have used on and off for the last few years.  The ability to use different combinations of “films” and “lenses” for the application changes the look of the images produced.  There are a few HipstaPaks (additional lenses and films) that can be bought too.  A new update (Hipstamatic 150) of the application that should be available any day now!  I’m looking forward to the full resolution support and the new Camden HipstaPak.

Here are a few photos taken with the iPhone and Hipstamatic application over the Lunar New Year period.  The 1st photo is of me and my nanny whom we visited today.  Wishing everyone a Blessed Lunar New Year!