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Allan & Acslyn were married earlier this month at the Blue Ginger Restaurant. It was a small and intimate affair that had the hallmarks of a perfect wedding – beautiful bride, handsome groom, laughter, tears, hugs, heartwarming words exchanged between the couple and excellent food. The overall mood was very relaxed, like a close family gathering which I was privileged to gain privy to. Allan & Acslyn are both working in the travel industry and Blue Ginger did a’ Travel’ wedding theme for them with countless paper aeroplanes in the decorations.

I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing and photo-documenting Allan & Acslyn’s wedding. The following are some highlights of the day.

Recently, I had the honour of Perfect Light being listed as one of the “31 Best Maternity, Baby & Family Photographers in Singapore” by Singapore Motherhood.


When I cover birthday parties, most of the images I capture are unposed. During a recent party, I was talking to the father of the birthday boy while we were looking at the party scene before us. He smiled to me and said, “It is all so chaotic. Tough job!”. My response was, “The challenge for me as a photographer is to find the calm or quiet in the midst of the chaos and capture it”.

For baby shoots, I like to photograph the baby in his or her natural environment (with the parents or on their own) with minimal posing. I do not believe in overly posing a baby. Personally, most of the popular newborn poses look somewhat creepy and unnatural to me. I have never seen my children getting into any of the popular newborn poses when they were babies. Each baby has different fleeting characteristics when they are babies. They normally last a few weeks at most. Besides the normal shots, I try to capture these characteristics if possible. One of the funny characteristics my son Daniel had during his first month was that he would smile whenever he had just fallen asleep (see the 2 photographs below). The smile would only last a few seconds and I am so glad that I managed to capture it. This is something my family would want to treasure as a memory instead of Daniel contorting into some strange pose which might look cute but meaningless.



If you are thinking of doing a family shoot or would like me to cover your child’s birthday party, do drop me a note via the contact me link.

Kaitlyn and Alexander celebrated their birthdays together at the Singapore Island Country Club. Kaitlyn turned 3 and Alexander turned 1. I have had the wonderful opportunity photographing both of them as well as their oldest sister Rebecca at certain milestones since their birth.

Kaitlyn and Alexander’s mum, Wendy, definitely outdid herself this time round with planning the party’s activities (See Kaitlyn’s 1st Birthday Party which was held at the same location 2 years ago). There was a humongous bouncy castle, ball pits for the babies and younger toddlers, Zoomoov rides, cartoon tattoos and colouring activities. All the children went quite wild. At the end of the party, all the kids got an animal walker balloon to take home and most of the kids didn’t want to go home! It is also very likely that quite a number of them fell asleep with happy grins on their faces on their drive home.

The following are a selection of photographs from the party.