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The first event I photographed in 2017 was Darius’ 8th birthday party. About 2 years ago, I covered his sister, Desiree’s birthday (see highlights HERE). Like Desiree, Darius’ had a ‘party with a cause’. Darius chose to support VIVA Foundation for Children with Cancer, a Singapore-based charity which focuses on saving the lives of children with cancer by improving research, medical care and education. Instead of guests bringing birthday gifts, they were encouraged to donate to VIVA through a giving campaign on The direct link to the campaign is Darius’ Birthday Wish. As of today, $740 has been raised out of the targeted $1000 with 12 more days to go. The campaign ends on 7 February 2017.

The birthday celebration was held at HomeTeamNS at Our Tampines Hub. Besides the birthday cake cutting, Darius’ party featured 2 fun activities for his friends, Laser Quest and Clip ‘n Climb. Laser Quest was a real challenge to photograph as it was held in a room that was almost in total darkness. I am glad I managed to spot and photograph Darius in the midst of all the kids running around! The kids had a blast running around in the dark and shooting at each other. With Clip ‘n Climb, they had a go at climbing up various colourful walls. The walls had different levels of difficulty and methods of climbing. My 5-year old daughter who caught glimpses of the climbing photos while I was post-processing them has been asking me to bring her climbing too!

The following are some highlights from Darius’ 8th birthday party. Do check out his VIVA Foundation giving campaign and make a contribution and help Darius fulfil his birthday wish!

In September last year, I spent a day doing the Behind the Scenes (BTS) photography for a short film titled The Perm which was directed by Wee Li Lin. Tay Cheng San was the Director of Photography, Chua Seng Yew and Sabrina Poon were the Assistant Directors, Vanessa Sim was the Production Manager, Hanning Yap and Apple Ong were the Art Directors and Mike Wong was the Gaffer.

The synopsis for this short film is as follows:

Soft spoken Carolyn, 12, is on the cusp of the awkward teenage years. About to enter secondary school, Carolyn decides to get a trendy Korean hairstyle to kickstart the fact that she is now of age (within the Singapore school system) to perm her hair. Carolyn’s grandmother assures her that the best place to get the perm done is at grandma’s long time hair salon down the block. But is the salon Carolyn grew up in the right place to undertake this important rite of passage?

This film was shot in an actual “old school” hair salon and having such a small space to work in was an interesting challenge. Besides trying not to get in the way of any  crew member, I also had to be extremely careful not to appear in any of the mirrors all over the salon when the camera was rolling. Overall, the tight space made for quite a different shooting experience compared to the previous BTS shoots that I have done.

Check out a selection of the BTS photos from The Perm in the following slideshow. You can check out the shortened version of the full 6 and a half minute film here – The Perm:

Julien celebrated his 1st birthday with family and friends at the Pan Pacific Hotel’s Lobby Lounge. His party had a cute ‘little lamb’ theme with a lamb motif appearing on the various decorations and on top of his birthday cake. The relaxed feel of the party was a welcome change from the usual burst of activities in many children’s parties and it was heartwarming to see the intimate mingling amongst relatives and close friends of the birthday boy.

The following are a selection of photographs from Julien’s 1st birthday party.