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Mrs Chua’s 95th Birthday Celebration

Last month, I had the honour of covering Mrs Chua’s 95th birthday celebration. Mrs Chua has spent most of her life in the education sector having had roles as a teacher, a vice-principal and Division Commissioner of the Girl Guides. It was heartwarming to see her family, friends, ex-colleagues and ex-students coming together to celebrate her legacy.

An ex-student of Mrs Chua’s shared about the positive impact she had on him when he first started school in Singapore after having moved here from Hong Kong many years ago. It was a great reminder of how simple acts of kindness can be life-changing.

In the second half of the party, there was a sing-a-long segment and practically all the guests came together to create a long single file with Mrs Chua right in front. It was quite a sight seeing her lead the dancing procession around the ballroom as it snaked all over the place. I hope that if I ever reach the status of a nonagenarian, I will still be as active as her! The following are a selection of images from the party featuring the birthday girl.



Laurie’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Early this year, I covered Laurie’s 90th birthday party. The occasion was marked by good food and drinks, laughter, hugs and kisses, thanksgiving to God, live music and tributes to Laurie. It truly was a joyful celebration as family and close friends came together to commemorate his milestone from being an octogenarian to a nonagenarian!

The following are a selection of photos from the party that feature the birthday boy.




Revamp of Website

I am in the process of revamping my website to work better with the various mobile devices available nowadays. The overall design has changed and I am in the process of going through all the existing pages and posts to update broken links as well as to recreate image galleries that have disappeared due to version incompatibilities. Thank you for being patient as I make the required changes to the site! Derrick