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Starting 2010 Down

Blessed New Year!  I have had quite a rocky start to this new year.

Firstly, my wife and I lost someone very dear to us on the last day of 2009.  It was not quite the way I would have envisioned ending 2009 and starting 2010.  It is strange but somehow through the grief, I began to see and understand a facet of God that had previously been quite hard for me to fathom.  The short of it was that this new insight has brought greater comfort and even joy during this difficult time.  This past Sunday at church, one of the Scripture readings was taken from Romans 8:28 which had been speaking to me during this period.

Secondly, my website, blog and email accounts were down from 1 January 2010 till last night due to the hard disk on the server of my web hosting provider getting corrupted.  This 10-day downtime has been extremely disruptive to my work.  My web hosting provider still has not managed to recover the data off the crashed server and it is a good thing I have some old backups of my website and blog.  I had to manually recreate my blog as well as some of the older posts.  It has been tedious work but I am grateful that now that everything is more or less back to normal.  If you have sent me an email anytime between 1 January to 11 January 2010, please kindly resend it to me as all emails sent to me during that period has been lost. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

It may not seem like the perfect start to 2010 but I am looking forward to the rest of the year nevertheless!