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Wedding: Paul & Kelly

My first wedding of 2010 was a small and intimate family orientated wedding. I got to know the couple, Paul and Kelly through a referral from Vincent, a good friend of mine who is an excellent photographer (Kelly is Vincent’s daughter-in-law’s sister).  Paul and Kelly held a simple solemnisation ceremony at their home, surrounded by their immediate family and 2 dogs, Lucky and Sasha. Lucky (white) and Sasha (brown) could definitely sense that something special was going on that day. To me, Lucky seemed like the faithful and dependable companion dog whilst Sasha seemed like the playful and goofy dog, attaining much joy from just slobbering over everyone she comes into contact with.

The solemnisation was followed by lunch at Mimolette restaurant. The private dining room they booked was cosy and had a fantastic ambience which added to the relaxed and intimate nature of their wedding.

These are my personal favourites from the day.

For the gearheads, the images were taken using a Canon 5DMKII (with a 35 f1.4L and 24-70 f2.8L lens) and a Leica M9 (with a 20+year old 50 f1.4 lens).