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Siang Ming & Leng See’s Family Shoot

In March, I met up with Siang Ming, Leng See and their 3 children for a family shoot at the Botanic Gardens. Siang Ming was an army mate of mine. The last time I saw him was over 20 years ago; so I was pleasantly surprised when his wife contacted me about doing a family shoot for them.


The 2 older children, Hann-Ya and Hann-Jen, were very well behaved and easy to work with during the shoot. They looked after their baby brother Gerard and it was most heartwarming to see how they interacted with one another as well as with their parents.

Here are a selection of photographs from the shoot.

SiangMingLengSee-Blog-02 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-03 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-04 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-05 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-06 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-07 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-08 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-09 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-10 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-11 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-12 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-13 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-14 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-15 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-16 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-17 SiangMingLengSee-Blog-18