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Patrick & Joscelin’s Family Shoot

Patrick and Joscelin welcomed the birth of their son Joel early this year. Patrick’s parents recently visited Singapore from Mauritius and they took the opportunity to do a family shoot together with Joscelin’s parents, her sister and brother-in-law.

One of the things I enjoy about family shoots is to capture that special ‘look’ that parents have for their babies. Most of the time, it is more obvious on the mother’s face; so it is especially heartwarming for me when I see it on the father’s face. It is a look of wonder, adoration, love and gentleness all rolled into one. :)

The following is a selection of photographs from the shoot:-

Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-01 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-02 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-03 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-04 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-05 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-06 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-07 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-08 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-23 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-10 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-11 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-12 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-13 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-14 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-15 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-16 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-17 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-18

Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-21 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-19 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-20 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-22 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-09

Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-24 Patrick&Joscelin-Blog-25