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Danielle’s 1st Birthday Party

A month after Joshua’s birthday party at The Polliwogs (see post HERE), his sister Danielle celebrated her 1st birthday. The party was held in a function room at her home. Danielle’s mother, Elizabeth, had worked till the wee hours of the morning making and putting together decorations for the party.


The party was a cosy, simple affair with the children having a swim or playing in the playground first before coming indoors for dinner. Once indoors, much of the children’s energies was focused on a ball pit. My daughter Beth was no different and immediately jumped into the ball pit which had all her favourite elements – a bouncy castle, slide and balls all rolled into one.

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Danielle, having just turned 1 year old, stayed away from the ball pit but some adults had fun goofing around with their kids in the pit. Sculptured balloons were made for each child by Wendy, a talented friend of Joshua’s parents. Wendy is the mother of Becky, Kaitlyn and Alex whom I have also photographed (e.g. see Alex, Kaitlyn, and Becky). The girls mainly requested for balloon butterfly wings and tiaras/crowns while the boys requested for swords.

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The kids were having so much fun that it proved a challenge getting them to sit down for dinner. But once they did, most children could not wait for the gorgeous fondant birthday cake and pretty cupcakes for dessert.

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Special thanks to Peter and Elizabeth for having me cover Joshua and Danielle’s birthday parties last year!