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Real Moments

I recently found a copy of Barry Feinstein‘s book Real Moments : Bob Dylan by Barry Feinstein in the bargain section of a local photography bookstore for just $8!  The original price was around $68 so I just grabbed it!  Just a few weeks ago I had the privilege of viewing some of Barry’s original signed prints at the private gallery of rock photographer Eddie Sung.  Amongst the many prints he had on display were prints of George Harrison, Janis Joplin, and Bob Dylan by Barry.

I found some things he said in his book that resonated with me with regards to my own photography.  One of them was the following:

“That’s the way it is in music.  What often makes a piece of music great are the notes left out,  And it’s like that with photography; knowing when to take the shot and, more importantly, when not to.  I wanted my pictures to say something,  I don’t really like stand-up portraits, there’s nothing there, no life, no feeling.  I was much more interested in capturing real moments.”

Like Barry, I am interested in capturing real moments.  That’s the way I approach my actual day wedding photography. Besides a handful of posed shots of the couple, I hardly ever ask anyone to pose for me.  I have always described my style as journalistic/reportage and I doubt that will ever change.  Couples engage me for my eye and my ability to capture the emotions, the gestures, and the ordinary things that make the wedding day such an extraordinary occasion.

The book features black and white (B&W) photographs Barry took of Bob Dylan during Dylan’s European tour of 1966 and US tour of 1974.  I still prefer B&W over color when it comes to photography and have been shooting quite a bit of black and white film during the last couple of months after quite a long hiatus.  There’s nothing like looking the B&W contact sheets and seeing if there are any gems captured.  No instant gratification and no second chances.  B&W . . . Glorious grain!

Real Moments is available from Amazon (US) and Amazon (UK).