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Wedding: Tai Yao and Pauline

Finally got down to posting some new wedding photos!  I got to know Pauline about 2 years ago at a photography workshop I was conducting for school teachers.  Our paths crossed again last year at Adrian and Adeline’s wedding.  Shortly after, her fiancé Tai Yao contacted me about possibly covering their wedding, which I did end up covering early this new year.

During my on-site recce at the wedding rehearsal, I knew that this was going to be quite a challenging shoot because of the lighting as well as the environment.  In an email after the rehearsal, Tai Yao said “Sigh. . . Nightmare huh?” when referring to the lighting.  I told him not to worry and I was up to the challenge.  I had great fun shooting this wedding.  As always, the people were really amazing and welcoming.  Like what I mentioned in my previous post, I am interested in capturing “real moments”.  In my personal favorites from the day below, there is a picture of Pauline resting on the floor during the short lunch break before leaving for church.  She asked me as she sat on the floor whether it was very “unglam” to do so.  I was thinking to myself, on a wedding day, no bride ever looks “unglam”!  This picture to me is a real moment, it is not posed or staged.  It reflects some aspects of who Pauline is, easy going and approachable.  My hope is that all my images are truthful.

These are my personal favorites from the day.  I still love black and white because it is so timeless!