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Joshua’s 4th Birthday Party

I have been slowly catching up on a selection of shoots I did last year that I never found the time to post on this blog. Joshua, celebrated his 4th birthday in September last year  with his family and many of his friends turned up for his party held at The Polliwogs, Suntec City. Polliwogs is an indoor play area featuring slides, tunnels, shooting areas and obstacle courses for children.

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I had previously done a family shoot (see post HERE) for Joshua’s family just after he turned 3 and before his sister Danielle was born. At Joshua’s party, there were many familiar faces for my wife Laura. Baby Noah and his parents (see post HERE) whom I photographed last year were there too.

Photographing at a place such as The Polliwogs featured some unusual challenges for me as a photographer. There were 2 other parties being held at the same time; so the place was extremely crowded. Children from each party wore different coloured wrist bands (blue for Joshua’s party) and identifying which child was from which party was extremely tough given that the place was filled with children running around! The play area is like a huge maze filled with obstacles and I had to crawl through different areas just so I could photograph the children playing. Near the end of the party, I took about 15 to 20 mins just to find my daughter Beth!

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After the first half of the party which featured free play in the play area, Polliwogs arranged some party games for the kids as well as food for their hungry tummies.

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