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Engagement: Clement & Jean – Shoot 3

For Clement and Jean’s final engagement shoot (see Shoot 1 and Shoot 2), we went to the Victoria Concert Hall and Marina Bay Promenade. This final shoot was more formal and traditional compared to the lighthearted quirkiness of the first 2 shoots.

Clement and Jean share a passion for music. Both of them have sung in choirs since their school days and Victoria Concert Hall holds many memories for them. Towards the end of the shoot, there was a choir practising for an event that was being held that evening in the lobby area. We could hear the singing and the mood was simply magical.

ClementJeanShoot3-01 ClementJeanShoot3-02 ClementJeanShoot3-03 ClementJeanShoot3-04 ClementJeanShoot3-05 ClementJeanShoot3-06 ClementJeanShoot3-07 ClementJeanShoot3-08 ClementJeanShoot3-09 ClementJeanShoot3-10 ClementJeanShoot3-11 ClementJeanShoot3-12 ClementJeanShoot3-13 ClementJeanShoot3-14 ClementJeanShoot3-15 ClementJeanShoot3-16

Clement proposed to Jean along the water front at Marina Bay Promenade last year and the final shot at the end of this blogpost was an attempt at recreating the selfie they took the night Jean said “Yes”.

ClementJeanShoot3-17 ClementJeanShoot3-18 ClementJeanShoot3-19 ClementJeanShoot3-20 ClementJeanShoot3-21 ClementJeanShoot3-22 ClementJeanShoot3-23Watch this space for upcoming photos from their wedding day!