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Joshua’s 4th Birthday Party

Joshua celebrated his 4th birthday about a month ago with his family and friends. His parents, Melvin and Wei Chin, did a really wonderful job of putting together the party decorations, food and children’s activities in their home. The party decor was super hero oriented as you can see from the photos below.


Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-02 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-03 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-04 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-05 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-06 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-07

The atmosphere of the party was filled with warmth, friendship and fun. Besides Joshua’s friends, there were a few babies and toddlers like Joshua’s sister, Isabel, who also enjoyed the food and various party activities. All the children were extremely well-behaved and Joshua was an excellent host to his young friends.

Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-08 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-09 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-10 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-11 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-12 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-13 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-36Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-14 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-15 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-16 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-17 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-18 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-19 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-20 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-21 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-22 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-23 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-24 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-25 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-26

In the middle of the party, the children went outdoors for a bit of Spiderman fun. Joshua’s mother had decorated some cardboard boxes to look like buildings and the children spent time spraying it with canned ‘spider web’.

Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-27 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-28 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-29 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-30

There was Piñata time afterwards as the children took turns to whack a Piñata with a small baseball bat till all the goodies came tumbling out.

Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-31 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-32 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-33 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-34 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-35In line with the super hero party theme, Joshua’s birthday cake was aptly decorated with Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Captain America logos. The first thing to go once the candles were blown out was the icing that made up the letters of Joshua’s name.

Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-37 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-38 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-39 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-40 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-41 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-42 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-43 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-44 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-45 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-46 Joshua4thBDParty-Blog-47It was such a joy to see the children happily engaging in good ol’ fun without relying on gadgets which is becoming a rarity these days. I hope you enjoyed the photos of my coverage of Joshua’s Birthday Party as much as I enjoyed capturing them.