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Pets: Cocoa

I recently visited the new home of some dear friends of mine.  They recently had a new addition to their family . . . a 3-year old long-haired miniature dachshund named Cocoa!  I love dogs and could not resist bringing my camera along to take a few snapshots of Cocoa.  Cocoa is a real sweetie.  She is very good-natured and came over to me, plopped herself at my feet, turned over and waited for a belly rub.  Very cute!

I was thinking about dogs and how they become part of the families that they belong to.  The first wall calendar I ever did was not the 2010 Zoo Calendar nor the recent 2011 Silent Japan Calendar but a one-off 2009 calendar for my grandmother featuring 13 images of her dog Pepper.  I made just 1 copy of the calendar (printed it myself and had it wire bound) and presented it to my grandmother on her birthday early last year.  Most of the images in the calendar were candid shots of Pepper or my grandmother with Pepper and 1 or 2 were posed shots of my grandparents and Pepper.  Pepper passed away this year and though the year 2009 has long since passed, this calendar still hangs on the wall just beside my grandmother’s dressing table.  My grandmother uses the 2010 Zoo Calendar I gave her and I know she will use the 2011 Silent Japan Calendar next year but the only one she will keep in the long run is the 2009 Pepper calendar.

These are a couple of shots I took of Cocoa.  The 4th shot somehow reminds me of the actor Martin Short.  Here’s to all the great pets who have blessed our lives with their unconditional love and devotion!  I have not done any official pet photography sessions before but if you have pets and want to do a photography session with your pet, do contact me.