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Wedding: Wenchuan & Joanna

This year seems to be really flying by! We are already into the 5th month of the year and my daughter is already 14 weeks old. I have been slowly clearing the backlog of work that piled up after my daughter’s arrival. I estimate that for each hour of shooting a wedding, I spend about 3-4hrs in editing and post processing. It is time consuming but the good thing about handling everything myself is that I am in control of every image from capture to delivery (whether in the form of an album, prints or soft copies).

I did a pre-wedding shoot for Wenchuan and Joanna a few months back (see here) and greatly enjoyed their company and easy going ways. They were recently married and I was glad to be there to record the special event. I especially enjoy shooting at older historical locations because there is a lot of character in them and always add to the overall atmosphere of a wedding. The Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary where their wedding ceremony was conducted is such a place with its large stained glass windows, stately columns in the sanctuary and distinctive floor tiles.

The following is a selection of photos from Wenchuan and Joanna’s wedding:-

The following is a little extra something from the wedding. I have been noticing more and more young children playing with iPads, iPhones and other digital devices during the last few weddings I covered. Here is a selection of ‘children playing with iPad and iPhone‘ photos from Wenchuan and Joanna’s wedding. I like the way the devices throw some light onto their faces. :P