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Rebecca’s 1st Birthday Party

April seems to have been a month of children’s birthday parties for me. One of them was Rebecca’s 1st birthday party that was held at The Playhouse at Seb’s Bistro @ The Rochester House. I have been photographing little Becky at 2 to 4-month intervals and it has been fun seeing her develop over the course of a year (for the last shoot, see here).

Rebecca’s birthday party was filled with fun-packed activities for the kiddies. They had an amazing balloon sculpturing man who seemed to be able to make anything and everything (Transformers, princesses, huge guns, planes with a pilot, all kinds of animals and even dinosaurs with teeth!!). The Playhouse was teeming with toys, dress-up costumes and lots of other stuff for children of all ages. The kids also enjoyed a “music and movement” programme which ended with a pretty bunny birthday cake for Rebecca.

Children’s parties are always interesting but challenging to photograph. There is so much going on and children naturally zip around; so the moments to be captured tend to disappear in the blink of an eye! I try to capture a wide range of things that hopefully convey to the viewer a good overall idea and feeling of what the party was like.

The following is a selection of photos from the party:-