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Washi – Japanese Handmade Paper

As mentioned in the earlier post about my upcoming Silent Japan Exhibition, I am using Washi or Japanese Handmade Paper for the exhibition prints.  The Washi is named “Bizan Thick White” and originates from the Awagami Factory in the Tokushima prefecture of Japan.  Each sheet is individually handmade from environmentally friendly Kozo (mulberry) and Hemp fibers.  The paper features a naturally textured surface, 4 naturally deckled edges, and a weight of 300 gsm.  The paper is incredibly expensive due to it being handmade.  It is about 11.5x more expensive per sheet compared to the paper that I normally use for my exhibition prints!

It is my hope that the exhibition will create in the viewers a greater appreciation of the beauty of the Japanese landscape (and even their own natural surroundings) and additionally,create in the viewers an appreciation for the Japanese craftsmanship that goes into paper making.  The choice of using Washi I feel has greatly enhanced the look and feel of the exhibition prints and suits the subject of the Japanese landscape perfectly.  Here are some images of the Washi.