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Photography Workshop Outing

During the last Basic Photography Workshop, we did an early morning outing to Little India.  The outing was to give the participants an opportunity to put into practice the things that they had learnt as well as clarify areas (e.g. camera settings, composition, etc) that they were still not too clear about.  Instead of using a DSLR for the outing I chose to use a small simple digital point and shoot.  It allowed me to demonstrate easily the various camera settings to the participants using the live view function.  The instant feedback on the LCD screen was especially helpful when it came to reinforce the various exposure settings (ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, and Exposure Compensation).  Overall, it was quite a fruitful session.

The following are a couple of photos from the outing.  All the post processing was done in Lightroom and finally the resizing for the blog and the addition of the sloppy borders were done in Photoshop.