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Pets: Rambo

In February this year, I did a post featuring Otto, a miniature Schnauzer puppy that was a gift to my grandmother for her 90th Birthday.  Poor Otto passed away in April when he contracted Meningitis.  My grandmother was quite devastated.  In recent months, my grandmother expressed the desire to have a dog again and my mom and aunt started looking.

On the 9th of August, Singapore’s National Day, Rambo arrived.  Also a miniature Schnauzer puppy, Rambo is just 3 months old.  I visited on Sunday and these are a selection of photos I took.  He has not been sent for grooming yet so he looks quite frizzy and fuzzy . . . maybe how Rambo would have looked like after spending a few weeks in the jungle waging guerilla warfare against some unjust enemy.

The following image is my favorite of this series.  It shows my grandmother reaching down from the sofa to pet Rambo.