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Lucas & Madeleine’s 1st Birthday Party

I have a few friends who have twins and I have always found it interesting to see how similar and yet distinct twins are. Last year, I had the privilege of photographing the 1st birthday party of Lucas and Madeleine who are twins. The birthday celebration was held at the Shangri-La hotel and attended by family and close friends. I found the twins to be extremely sociable and cute; they were definitely adored by everyone they came into contact with throughout the party.

I do not normally mention much about the decoration and details I shoot but I was very impressed by what the pastry chef did with the birthday cake. He/she replicated the favorite soft toy of Lucas (Dinosaur) and Madeleine (Bunny) on the cake. Even the texture of the fur of the rabbit was replicated in detail!

The following are a selection of photos focusing on the birthday twins and other children attending the party.