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Baby Kaitlyn’s 1st Birthday Party

Earlier this year, baby Kaitlyn celebrated her 1st birthday. Her older sister is Becky for whom I have been doing family shoots before Kaitlyn was born (see Becky Shoot 1Shoot 2Shoot 3Shoot 4Shoot 5 and Kaitlyn Shoot 1). This birthday party featured the biggest bouncy castle I have ever encountered at any other parties so far. All the children (including my 2-year old daughter) attending the party went ballistic playing in the bouncy castle. The kiddies evidently had a whale of a time.

A common question I get from parents is whether the photographs delivered are in colour or black & white. The answer is colour. For clients that enjoy black & white, a selection of the photographs would be converted to black & white. I personally love black & white photographs because I feel they distill the images down to the basics of composition,  expressions and the unique moment captured. Colour, especially in a colourful environment as a children’s birthday party can be quite overwhelming and distracting in images which is why I sometimes try to post more black & white photos for my children’s party posts.

The following are a selection of mostly black & white photos from Kaitlyn’s special day.