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Pets: Elsa Blossom

Last Friday afternoon, Laura and I visited my Aunt’s family.  They recently had a new addition to the family.  A little baby girl named Elsa Blossom!  She is a Boxer puppy and was about 8 weeks old when we visited.  Like Minty I wanted to take some photos while she was still relatively small.  Of course that was also an excuse visit and play with her.  Elsa is a very playful and energetic puppy. She was extremely interested in my camera strap and I am quite sure she would have loved to have it as a chew toy.  Once again the challenge was to photograph a hyperactive kid.  It just took some patience on my part to wait for seemingly quiet moments and quickly take some photos before she lunged at me for a closer look or to attempt to lay a sloppy kiss on my lens.  Here are my favorites from the short visit.

Introducing Elsa Blossom_mg_3181

She makes quite a big splash when she’s thirsty_mg_3230

Soulful eyes_mg_3195-final


Elsa’s unique looking pink and black paws_mg_3205

Those soulful eyes again_mg_3212

Elsa’s bed. Her constant companions are Charlie Brown and Dora the Explorer._mg_3232

Elsa giving me the “Please, come play with me!” look_mg_3242