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Pets: Cornetto and Eski

As a followup to the recent post on Baby Becky, I thought that I would do a post focusing on the other two babies of the family, Cornetto and Eski.  Both Cornetto and Eski are Shih Tzus.  Cornetto is 7 and Eski is 2 1/2 years old.  Dogs, like humans, have distinct personalities.  Cornetto strikes us in his highly perceptive, streetsmart and fiercely loyal ways; he is always calm, does not get frazzled easily and has this innate “seen-the-world wisdom”.  Eski, on the other hand, comes across as goofy, easily distracted, always on the move, and stuck in a state of perpetual adolescence.  Both Cornetto and Eski are charming in their own ways and I had a good time playing with both of them.  It is always a plus for me when I find out that my clients have dogs.  I make it a point to get them involved in the shoot.

The following are some of my favorite shots of Cornetto and Eski.  I am sure you can figure out which one is Cornetto and which one is Eski.  8)