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Basic Photography Workshop

2 new classes for my Basic Photography Workshop will run sometime in July or August 2010.  Class A will be weekend classes and Class B will be weekday classes.

UPDATE: The dates of the 1st 2 sessions for Class B have been confirmed!  The 1st session will be on 10 Aug 2010 (Tues) and the 2nd session will be on 12 Aug 2010 (Thurs), both from 9am to 11/1130am.  Session 3 will be confirmed as a group when we meet during the 1st session.

Rough details of the workshop is as follows:-

Basic Photography Workshop
The workshop aims to impart both basic technical photography skills and compositional skills to participants.  By the end of the workshop, participants should be able to go beyond just “pointing and shooting” and move towards being in control of their cameras, rather than let the camera decide the settings and then wonder what went wrong when photos do not turn out as expected.

Please bring your camera along for the workshop, preferably one that has or allows you to manually select settings (e.g. aperture, shutter speed, etc).

Rough Outline:
Session 1: Digital cameras, exposure and lenses.
Session 2: White balance, flash photography, compositional guidelines and basic post processing.
Session 3: [Practical session] Either an outing or a shoot within a controlled (indoor) environment.

Dates and Times (3 sessions of 2 to 2.5 hours each):
Class A: Friday evening (730pm to 930pm) and Saturday morning (10am to 12pm). The practical session will be arranged at the first session.
Class B: Two consecutive weekdays (either morning or afternoon). The practical session will be arranged at the first session.

$200 per participant (minimum 4-6 participants)

My workshops are aimed at people who want to learn photography but are unable to sit through 6 to 12 sessions of classes and practicals.  If you have any enquiries, are interested or have friends that are or might be interested, please feel free to contact me using the Contact Me Link indicating which class (A or B) / timing you prefer.  There is a detailed one-page write-up of the workshop in PDF format that I can email to those interested.  It is also possible to customize the workshops to specific needs of small groups if required and if you have your own small group of friends who are interested to learn together, the workshop can be conducted at one of your homes.