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Baby Alex

BabyAlex-Blog-01Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of photographing Baby Alex. Alex is the 3rd child of Mark and Wendy whose first 2 children, Becky and Kaitlyn, I have photographed on different occasions since they were born.

This post features a couple of photographs of Baby Alex at 10 days old.

BabyAlex-Blog-02 BabyAlex-Blog-03 BabyAlex-Blog-04

BabyAlex-Blog-05 BabyAlex-Blog-06 BabyAlex-Blog-07 BabyAlex-Blog-08 BabyAlex-Blog-09 BabyAlex-Blog-10

My daughter Beth was with me during the shoot and she had a great time playing with Becky and Kaitlyn. The following photograph I took shows them using chairs to make a bus. It was nice that they all took turns to be the bus driver. In this photograph, Kaitlyn is in front, Beth in the middle and Becky is sitting at the back of their improvised bus.


It still amazes me how much a child’s features change over the first 2 years of their lives. Personally, the photographs I took of my daughter, Beth, who is now just over 3 years old are extremely precious to my wife and I. Besides capturing precious memories, they also document the physical changes that she went through, week by week during Beth’s first year, and subsequently month by month. Without the photographs, the changes would have been so gradual that I would not have noticed them. The following is an iPad screen capture of the weekly album covers from the first part of Beth’s 1st year.


I am eagerly looking forward to seeing the changes in Baby Alex the next time I see him. If you would like to enquire about documenting the changes in your baby over his or her first year, or would like to gift your families or friends with a photo shoot for their newborn baby, please feel free to drop me a message using the Contact Form.