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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Tibet – Dancing in the Dark

The Tibet gallery is finally up!  Compared to the previous version of my website, I have expanded the Tibet gallery from 23 to 59 photographs. Compared to all the other galleries on my website, this Tibet gallery has the largest number of photographs.  Many of these Tibet photographs have previously only been seen by a...

Housekeeping message

Just a short note to say that I have disabled the “Comments” for all the posts on this blog.  I have been getting lots of Spam comments over the past few weeks and it is a big hassle and a complete waste of my time to clear them.

Photo Single: Degas the Dog

I recently did a family shoot and at the end of the shoot, my wife discovered their pet dog at the back of the kitchen.  His name is Degas (pronounced as de-gah) and he is a chocolate Labrador.  I spent a bit of time playing with the Degas and took this photo.  This is Degas’...