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These photographs are part of an ongoing project focusing on animals in zoos. This series is strongly influenced by the work of street photographer Garry Winogrand as well as German photographer Britta Jaschinski’s work on zoos.

In many of the zoos I’ve visited, the thing that struck me was that practically every one of the visitors had a camera. Nowadays the majority of people I see in zoos use camera phones. All these hordes of people would move around from one exhibit to another and snap away like paparazzi using cameras of all shapes and sizes. The animals take to the stage in most cases as seasoned celebrities, totally indifferent to the presence of their audience. I likened it to the voyeuristic and celebrity-obsessed world being acted out in the confines of a zoo and this is what I tried to capture in the Animal Watching sub series.

Animal Feeding Hippopotamus No. 2. Yangon, Myanmar. 2009.

If you are interested in buying prints of any of the images featured here, drop me a note via the contact me link. The most popular sizes I have available are prints on A3+ (image size 12×18″ or 12×12″) and A4 (image size 11×7.33″ or 8×8″) papers. Prices range from about $250 to $500 with framing. A few of the images are available as artist proofs (indicated with an AP below the image) at a discounted rate of $400. The artist proofs are the actual framed prints that were used in my 2009 exhibition.

Animal Standing Zebras No. 1. Singapore. 2004


Animal Swimming Polar Bear No. 1. Singapore. 2004.


Animal Swimming Tiger No. 1. Singapore. 2004.


Animal Watching Wolf No. 4. Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008. (AP)


Animal Feeding Hippopotamus No. 1. Yangon, Myanmar. 2009. (AP)


Animal Watching Monkeys No. 2. Singapore. 2009. (AP)


Animal Swimming Sea Lion No. 1.  Singapore. 2004. (AP)


Animal Watching Bear No. 3. Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008. (AP)


Animal Feeding Monkey No. 1. Yangon, Myanmar. 2009. (AP)


Animal Watching Lion No. 1. Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008. (AP)


Animal Swimming Manatee with Pelican No. 1. Singapore 2004. (AP)

Animal Watching Tiger No. 1. Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008. (AP)