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Vietnam: iPhoneography

In February of this year I visited Vietnam for the first time.  For this trip I decided to travel very light with regards to camera gear.  I used 2 small compact film cameras (a Ricoh GR1v and a Contax T) which were loaded with B&W film.  On top of the 2 film cameras, for the fun of it I used my iPhone quite a bit.  This post focuses on a selection of photos taken on my iPhone.  These were taken in Hanoi, Sapa and Halong Bay.

In Sapa we had nice cold weather.  When the fog/mist started rolling in one late afternoon, I was rubbing my hands with glee and anticipation.  “Bad weather makes for good photographs” ~ Sam Abell.  Not many tourists ventured out in the fog so the streets were quite empty.  The mood that the fog produced was something which I could not get in any other kind of weather.  I have wonderful memories of that day walking around in the fog with my wife, Laura.  The following is a photo Laura took of me wandering around that afternoon.

The following is one of my favorite photos Laura took during the same walk.  The fog masked out the distracting background and the cool bluish color works really nicely to bring out the pink buds on the branches.

I will do a post of my B&W film photographs from Vietnam in the next post.