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Singapore F1 GP 2011

Over the last 3 days I had my first ‘live’ taste of a Formula 1 Grand Prix, courtesy of my Dad. The first day I spent walking around with my good friend, Vincent, who has loaned me his Fuji X100 camera to play around with for a week or so. The second day, my wife Laura got to come along with me which was great. And finally, on the actual race day I watched the race with my Dad, two Uncles and an Aunt.

I am not a sports photographer so I did not go with the intention of seriously taking photos but rather to just enjoy the sights and sounds. It is true that the experience of watching a F1 race first hand is very very different from seeing it on TV. The biggest difference is experiencing the sounds (extremely loud), feeling the vibrations and smelling the smells (mostly burnt rubber). All in all it was a wonderful experience. Here are a few photos I took during my time there.