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Silent Japan Series Showcased

It has been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post. At any one time I have a few posts that I want to write but finding the time to do it is really tough! Lately, I have turned to tumblr to post an image everyday as it is less time consuming to do. My tumblr blog focuses mainly on my street photography work and you can check it out at the following link:-

I have always enjoyed seeing my work being displayed on other people’s walls. Most of my work is displayed in the homes of people who have purchased my prints but the largest concentration of my work on permanent display happens to be at a clinic my friend runs at Gleneagles Hospital. These prints from my Silent Japan series nicely complement the decor of her clinic and her designer did a great job with the way the prints are hung.

The following are some photos of the prints at her clinic. Some of the photos try to show the uniqueness of the handmade japanese paper (e.g. surface texture, deckled edges, etc) that the images are printed on. If you are interested in viewing or enquiring about purchasing prints for your home or office, do drop me a note.