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Silent Japan Exhibition Update

It’s been a week since my Silent Japan Exhibition started it’s run at the Print Gallery at The Arts House.  So far the response from the various visitors have been fantastic.  I have had a steady stream of visitors ranging from local Singaporeans, to expatriates and tourists from countries like Japan, Korea, Australia, Thailand, China, Russia, Netherlands, Brazil, US, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, UK, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.

For many, the main highlight of the exhibition has been to see the images presented on Washi (Japanese handmade paper).  It is quite hard to describe the additional “dimension” that the Washi adds to my images and trying to take a photograph of the displayed prints just won’t do the real thing justice.  So my advice if you are still deciding whether to drop by or not, is to just come!  The last day of the exhibition will be this Sunday (31 October 2010 at 7pm).  Though I am onsite everyday, the timings that I am there varies a little.  So if you are intending to drop by to see the exhibition, do drop me a SMS (Tel: 97590769) in advance so I can make sure I am there to walk you through the exhibition.