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Shenyang, China – Children’s Medical Hospital

In 2005, I spent about 3 months in Shenyang, China working for an NGO Serving Humanity in China (SHIC) and their children-focused arm, Asian Children’s Assistance Ltd (ACA). They run medical, community development and relief programs. It was a very memorable and fulfilling time for me and I still stay in touch with a number of the people I worked with.

One of the programs they had was a Children’s Medical Hospital which I spent some time photo documenting during my various visits there. All the children at the hospital had some form of physical or mental disability.

The following is a selection of photographs that I captured during my visits to the Children’s Medical Hospital. If I remember correctly, the colour photographs were taken using an Epson RD1 and the B&W photographs using a Leica M6TTL.