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See Yuen’s 50th Birthday Celebration at CulinaryOn

Two months ago, I photographed See Yuen’s 50th birthday celebration at cooking studio CulinaryOn. It was a fun affair attended by family. Everyone, with the guidance of Chef Daniel Teo, was involved in the preparation of the dishes for the evening. The cooking activities started off with the children preparing homemade chicken nuggets while the adults prepared the ingredients for the pasta sauce. When that was done, everyone split into teams to make the pasta from scratch. The cooking studio was nearly akin to a MasterChef set-up without the time pressure and stress of gruelling judges; and participants being able to savour the fruit of their labour while sipping champagne (except for the kids)! After the delectable mains were polished off, dessert was another fun course of observing how liquid nitrogen was used to churn out good ol’ vanilla ice cream and tropical mango ice cream, served with fresh fruits.

I may not have a penchant for cooking but the activities by CulinaryOn looked really inviting. You can see from the photos below that everyone had a blast!