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Revamped Travel and Photo Documentary Website

NOTE: I have since ported over most of the sections from to this website. is no longer in use.  

I finally got down to revamping my Travel and Photo Documentary website (  I took the opportunity to make the website easier to update as well as increase the size of the images.  What would have taken me half a day to one day to update now takes at most half an hour.  So I hope to update this site more regularly.  I have added a few new sections (Myanmar, Construction, Medical Treatment, and Silent Japan) and all the existing sections have been expanded to include more images.   Some sections from the old website are still not in yet (e.g. Sichuan, Tibet, Yunnan, Indonesia and Korban) and I hope to have them in soon.  I also intend to add in Hong Kong and Vietnam sections later on.  I will be posting updates whenever new sections go live.  I hope to do a non-flash version of the site later on to cater for the iPhone and iPad users.

This website revamp is part of a personal project this year to go through and catalogue all my photographs.  It is quite a massive task and so far I have mainly gone through the digital images which takes up the last 3-4 years.  The tedious part will be going through my black & white negatives!  Do set aside some time to look through the revamped website and give me some feedback.  The following are some screen captures of the website.