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Rabbits Framed!

A few months ago I wrote a post on this blog titled Shooting Wabbits about a shoot I did for the House Rabbit Society of Singapore.  A friend of mine saw the 3 images that I posted on that entry and thought that they would make a perfect gift for her granddaughter who adores rabbits.  After some planning on how to present the photos, the following was the final result!  Yesterday was the granddaughter’s 5th birthday celebration and my friend presented the gift of the framed rabbits to her.

I find it quite a privilege and honour to have my photographs appreciated by people both young and old.  Big prints, small prints, framed or unframed, in the form of a Calendar, a Wedding or Family photo album, if they find themselves onto people’s walls or homes and manage to put a smile on their faces once in a while, it brings me much joy and satisfaction.

Update: My friend emailed me the following comment after she next met her granddaughter. “Tasha likes the rabbits very much. When i asked her which shot she likes most, she said, ‘All of them’!”.  ;P