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Engagement: Wenchuan & Joanna

About two weeks ago, I did a pre-wedding/engagement shoot for Wenchuan and Joanna.  Wenchuan and Joanna are a fun loving couple and it was really wonderful seeing how they interacted with each other in front of the camera. Both of them were relaxed and intent on just enjoying their time together and I think it shows in the photos. I am greatly looking forward to shooting their wedding next year!

The following is a selection of photos from the shoot.

The following ‘outtake’ photo is my favorite photo of the day.  It was a quick test shot to check out the lighting when we first moved to this area to shoot. The chef in the background was already there when we ‘invaded’ his space and his ‘Whatchu doing here?’ look is quite priceless. He kindly moved aside for a while and I quickly got the shots I wanted so he could continue with his work.