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Nepal – Asian Outreach

In 2008, I visited Nepal with my wife Laura on an exploratory trip to check out the projects that her NGO Asian Outreach was involved in. Together with the then President of Asian Outreach, his wife, secretary and 2 donors, we visited schools, a children’s home, churches and a slum area.

The children’s home was especially memorable as we had the opportunity to bless the children with simple balloon sculptures, haircuts and a meal. The camaraderie amongst the children who were of different ages was strong with everyone looking out for one another. It was nice to see that during group games where there were ‘penalties’, all the children joined in with the child taking the penalty so that he/she did not feel left out.

The visit to the slum was inspiring. We heard the story of how a young man with a vision for the area and almost zero resources set up a free school in the middle of the slum to give the children basic education.

The following is a selection of photographs that I captured during my time in Nepal.