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Family Shoot: Miky & Timothy

Michael and Taky are friends of my wife, Laura. I recently did a family shoot for them and their children – 2-year plus Miky and 4-month old baby Timothy.  My wife who tagged along for the shoot is a natural with children and the kids took to her quite fast.  For me on the other hand, it’s only in the past few years that I’ve gotten more comfortable with children.  I used to carry babies with outstretched robotic arms when they were passed to me and my standard panicky response was, “Errr ….. what do I do??  HELP!“.

Miky took some time to warm up to me but by late morning, she was jumping onto my back asking for piggybacks.  I’m not very good at piggybacking children; it does not come naturally to me and it feels like the child is going to fall backwards any time!  So I’ll be leaning forward too much, looking uncannily like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  My wife was guffawing away as she took photos of me using her mobile phone (No one must ever see those photos!).  When we went out for lunch, I carried Miky in my arms from the car park, across the road, into the restaurant and up the stairs.  Not used to carrying children for long periods of time (5 minutes seemed like eternity to me!), my arms cramped up by the time we reached the restaurant and my limbs were sorely aching the next day.  No complaints from me though; I really had fun with the family.  In addition, my wife said to me, “Good training for you!“.

Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot.