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Leia’s 8th Birthday Party

Early this month, I covered Leia’s 8th birthday party at HomeTeamNS at Our Tampines Hub. This was the second party I shot there with Darius’ 8th birthday being the first in January. Every year, Leia’s mum plans a birthday party with a unique theme. This year’s theme was “Rainbow”. Amazingly, they made most of the decorations themselves as a family activity. Leia’s mother shared with me that Leia’s annual birthday party allows Leia to spend time with friends that she has grown up with and more importantly, the extended family comes together for a reunion of sorts.

Leia and her friends started off the party with a Clip ‘n Climb session and it was nice to see some of the children overcoming their fear of heights as they slowly ventured higher and higher. They then had 3 sessions of Laser Quest. The 1st session was a free for all, the 2nd was team based and the final was adults vs children. At the end of each session, it was usually the adults who were more interested in the scores. :)

One of the nice things about covering birthday parties is that I get to visit places that might be interesting for my kids too. Clip ‘n Climb at HomeTeamNS was one such discovery and I had much fun climbing with my daughter over the past year!

The following are a selection of photographs from Leia’s party. Here’s wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas and New Year!