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Kolkata, India – Street Children

In 2006, I spent some time in Kolkata, India with an NGO, House of Revival, to photo document a few of their projects. They ran programs for women-at-risk, education for children in slums and poorer villages as well as a centre for street kids.

The project that had the biggest impact on me personally was the centre for street kids in Kolkata. The centre provided the children with basic hygiene (a place to shower, brush their teeth and receive medical treatment for the cuts they received from their time on the streets), basic education and one meal a day. It was very humbling to see how cheerful the children were despite the dire circumstances they found themselves in daily. We tend to take our meals for granted whereas most of the street children did not know when and where their next meal was coming from other than the single meal served at the centre. Meals at the centre were simple – plain rice, potatoes, eggs and curry gravy. They shared the food amongst themselves and the older ones helped to feed the younger ones.

The following is a selection of photographs I took during my time there with House of Revival. If you would like to find out more about their current projects and help out, please check out their website.