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Jun Abe: Kokubyaku Note 2

Osaka-based street photographer Jun Abe’s latest offering Kokubyaku Note 2″ or “Black & White Note 2” was released at the end of last year by Vacuum Press. I have been a big fan of Abe’s work since discovering his earlier books, Citizens” and Kokubyaku Note” (see this post). Kokubyaku Note 2″  features more of Abe’s wonderful street photographs.

The following are a couple of photos from the book:-

JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-01 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-02 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-03 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-04 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-05 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-06 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-07 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-08 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-09 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-10 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-11 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-12 JunAbe-BlackWhiteNote2-13

Though I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the photographs seemed rather tame compared to his last book Manila” (see this post). Quite a number of the photographs in Kokubyaku Note 2″ focus on children and animals which personally did not have the same impact and punch of his previous books.

Kokubyaku Note 2″ is a pretty decent offering from Abe and is recommended if you already enjoy his work. If you are new to his work, his earlier books (especially “Manila”) would be a better introduction. Signed copies ofKokubyaku Note 2″ are currently available from Japan Exposures.

All photographs from the book featured on this post © Jun Abe