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Joshua’s 5th Birthday Party

Last year, when Joshua turned 4, his parents Melvin & Wei Chin prepared a ‘Super Hero’ themed birthday party for him. This year, his 5th birthday party featured a Lego Ninjago theme. His birthday cake was topped with 2 Ninjago characters (Jay – blue and Lloyd – green) and decorated with icing made into the shapes of lego pieces. The party gifts for Joshua’s guests were Lego Ninjago Airjitzu building kits. These kits were a big hit with the children who raced to build them and then let their ninjas battle with each other. A piñata in the shape of a ‘Number 5’ was another highlight of the party. The piñata did not last as long as last year’s ‘Number 4’ piñata with the children having grown in strength over a year! Younger children like Joshua’s sister Isabel enjoyed watching the older kids build their lego sets and had fun playing with the many balloons lying around.

The following are some highlights from Joshua’s 5th birthday party:-