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Engagement: James & Siling

A while back, I did a pre-wedding shoot for James and Siling at some locations that I had not shot at before. After a couple of recce trips of the locations on my own, we worked out a schedule to shoot at 6 venues.

On the day of the shoot, we were blessed with excellent weather and I found the couple very easy to work with. In Siling’s thank you speech on her actual wedding day, she described herself as ‘looking like one of the most emotionally flatlined persons around . . . with a face that looks bored all the time’. Besides the few photos where James and Siling intentionally suppressed their smiles for a serious-looking shot, she was all smiles and anything but ’emotionally flatlined’! Overall, the shoot was a memorable and enjoyable one for me and I trust for the happy couple as well.

The following are a few selected photographs from James and Siling’s pre-wedding shoot.