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Wedding: James & Jeannette

One of the main personalities in a wedding is the ‘Father of the Bride’. I have encountered many of them in the course of photographing weddings and have seen them express a whole gamut of emotions… cheerful, excited, nervous, forlorn, pensive, etc. As the father of a 1-month old daughter, I have been thinking about how I would rate as a ‘Father of the Bride’ in the future.  :)

The above photograph from James and Jeannette’s wedding is not a typical ‘wedding’ photograph. It shows the Father of the Bride, engrossed in watching the news which was reporting a story on a horrific 30-plus vehicle pile-up in the UK that left several people dead and scores injured. Jeannette was upstairs having her make up done and I was wandering around the home to see what else was happening when I came across her Dad sitting in front of the TV. His expression and body language was very relaxed for a Father who was going to walk his only daughter down the aisle in around 4 hours’ time. Jeannette’s Dad was calm and composed the whole day and everyone could see how proud he was of his daughter that day. Compositionally, I like the strong lines running throughout the image which also acts to frame him nicely. I also like the curves of the glass table, bean bag and sofa.  For me, the finishing touch to this photograph was the Polar Bear soft toy draped over the top of the sofa above his right shoulder. The groom, James, has somehow always been associated with the Polar Bear and his ‘presence’ in this photo makes it a personal favourite of mine.

The following are some selected photographs from James and Jeannette’s wedding.