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Jacqueline’s 1st Birthday Party

Last month, Jacqueline celebrated her 1st birthday together with family and friends. I documented her baptism last year and had previously photographed her elder brother, Jordan’s 1st and 2nd birthday parties. Their parents, James and Patricia, have been extremely hospitable to my family, having invited my daughter Beth over to their place to swim and play with Jordan a couple of times. We very much appreciate their friendship and generosity through the years; and so when Jacqueline turned 1, it was a special privilege for my wife Laura, Beth and my baby son, Daniel to be invited to the party too.

The party featured a number of fun activities for the children. There was a ball pit with slide, a bouncy castle, a toddler grassy play area, and Zoomoov animal rides! All the children (and I suspect adults too who accompanied their younger children on the Zoomoov animal rides; I know I would have gone for the rides with my daughter too if I were not covering the event) had a screaming good time, especially in the bouncy castle which was a party favourite. The celebration’s finale was a beautiful Princess cake for the birthday girl.

The following is a selection of photographs from the party.