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Engagement: Clement & Jean @ Bidadari Park

A few weeks ago, I met up with Clement and Jean to discuss their wedding plans for next year. One of the things they wanted to do as part of their engagement shoot was to have a session at the Bidadari Park because that was where their expected future home was going to be built. The Housing Development Board (HDB) had already started fencing off the area as preparations for the building of the new flats; so I arranged to do a recce with Clement soon after our meeting to see how much of the area was still accessible and to narrow down possible locations for the shoot.

We did the shoot early one morning a week ago. Clement and Jean are really easy going and it was a relaxing shoot. The weather was good and the light wonderful. We were glad to be able to enjoy the park before all the construction starts. I am already looking forward to the rest of the engagement shoot sessions. The following are a selection of photos (chosen by my wife Laura) from Clement & Jean’s Bidadari Park Shoot.