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Christian’s 5th Birthday Party

Christian celebrated his 5th birthday at the kid-friendly Eat Play Love cafe about a week ago. He had a ‘Power Rangers Dino Charge’ party theme (I had to google to figure out why the Ranger’s helmets featured jagged teeth)! The balloon lady got lots of requests for guns from the boys while the girls mostly requested for cartoon princesses or animals. My daughter Beth was thrilled to finally get an Elsa balloon sculpture! Many of the kids (and an unknown number of adults) also got fancy glitter tattoos which lasted quite a number of days. The unicorn tattoo my daughter had lasted 5 days before she let me help her scrub it off while her pixie fairy tattoo stayed for 3 days.

Christian’s parents are both talented artists. Christian’s mum, Melanie Lee is a freelance writer and the author of the award-winning Adventures of Squirky the Alien series of books. We have a full set of the books and Beth enjoys reading them from time to time. Christian’s dad, Darren Soh is a renowned award-winning photographer. Having a professional photographer as a client can be a bit nerve wracking at times. It is something I have to push to the back of my mind and just concentrate on the task at hand of photo-documenting the party. After I sent Melanie a set of the party photographs, she mentioned on Facebook that the photographs were “shots Darren and her would have been too frazzled to take“. That’s exactly what I strive to deliver for parents so that their painstaking efforts to organise the event is intricately photo-documented, and they can sit back and enjoy the party to the fullest.

The following are a selection of highlights from the party.