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Wedding: Brandon & Shiao – Part 2 The Details

I have always described my style of wedding photography as photojournalistic with my coverage focusing mainly on people. A minor portion of the coverage does go towards capturing some of the details of the wedding. Capturing the details (e.g. the rings, shoes, decor, etc) are important to create a good balanced coverage, but should never supercede the focus on the people (especially the bride and groom).

The best kind of details enhance the overall atmosphere of the wedding which was the case in Brandon & Shiao’s wedding. The highly talented pair, Joyce and Weiyan, from In Merry Motion designed and showcased absolutely stunning decorations and embellishments for their wedding. If you have seen Part 1 of Brandon & Shiao’s wedding as well as their ROM photos you would have caught glimpses of their handiwork. Also involved was freelancer Joanne Lim, who worked with In Merry Motion to come up with all the graphic design (e.g. wedding program and paper tags). Most of the decorations – from the wooden board signs (handwritten by Joanne) to the bespoke ‘ring book’ – were crafted from scratch and exquisitely intricate. In addition, the vow books were specially handmade for the couple by Elaine Lee of Mein Design. I am not usually overawed by the decorations at weddings but have to admit that I was extremely impressed by what this team had created for Brandon and Shiao’s wedding. I look forward to see more of their offerings in future weddings or events that I cover.

The following are a selection of detail photos from the wedding.